Thursday, August 8, 2013

Teaching Girls...

I have realized a long time ago that in order for a 3 year old to remember something I would have to repeat it a million times. Yet it is different with my girls. Princess can remember everything from the first time I teach her. She also is a very big helper when it comes to the other girls, she sets a great example! Maureen only needs a couple of times and Happy can probably remember it on the second time taught. We are learning a lot at the moment. For example animals and what kind of sounds they make. Every time we are in the car you can hear the girls shout “ mbuzi”, meaning goat or “ng’ombe” meaning cow, ”paka” meaning cat, or ”mbwa” meaning dog. After which I ask what sound they make and to my surprise the girls can ALWAYS make the sound. We have so much fun making the sounds, the girls mostly laugh at me when I do them. It is amazing to see them learn soooo fast.
At the moment the girls are all getting dressed on their own, brush their teeth on their own and can do some chores. They love to do chores. Sometimes I think they are better at it than I am. Each day I am very thankful to be the one raising them. I am a mom of 4, that’s how I look at it. I teach them but most importantly they teach me. 

I learn a lot from them. Some may think; how is it possible to learn from a 3 year old. Well, the girls can forgive and forget. Their shinning faces are full of love no matter what is going on or their circumstances. I wouldn’t change any of this for the world. I would always want to be the one that they go to, they cry to, they complain to and they shout at. I am in love with my job, with this country, with everything that surrounds me. Thank you to each and every one who prays for us, who supports us, and who always is there to listen!