Thursday, September 2, 2010

Here we go!

We only have seven days...So, we hit the ground running! We walked to the property to show the group where we will be building our children's home. Next, we had the privilege of taking our group to Havilah orphanage and then onto the Cradle of Love. The group was overwhelmed with emotion. We see the great need and have realized that our dream can become a reality and that this group can help make it happen.
It has been a long and productive day. After brainstorming and reflecting on our day we shared our personal experiences and how this day has impacted us! Such an amazing day!


  1. So glad you all made it there safely. Shannin, I guess you're feeling better. I know you all will be blessed by being there. I want to see lots of pictures if you have time to post them. I wish I was there(I am in spirit). I'm looking forward to your daily blogs. I love you Shan, mom

  2. Such a full and exciting day! It is good to hear that the day was a success! I hope we get to see some pictures...or some video clips! Come on you have Enrico and Stanley there!!!!
    Keep up the good work and I look forward to hearing more tomorrow!
    We head to family I am hoping we get cell reception there, so we can read the blog!???

  3. Hey aunt shanny!!(: it's Elivia sounds like lots of fun! Really wishing I was there right now... Well really I wish I was there all the time tell all the kids hi for me and Pete and everyone that works there! Can't wait till the next trip! I am sooo coming no matter what it takes!(: stay safe love you!
    ~ Elivia