Friday, September 13, 2013

Market Day

I decided to take the girls with me to the market. Market here in Usa River (pronounced Oosu) is crazy. There are hundreds of people and the ground is just dirt, which often turns to mud with even the littlest amount of rain. The girls enjoy the mud though. I often let the girls take turns helping me shop and choose different items. We came to one of the stands to get cucumbers, and Maureen was the one choosing and talking. She felt like she was so grown up. 

When we were done at the stand I turned around to get Happy and Princess. I was nervous for a second to see Happy, but not Princess. Then I looked to a shop on the side and there was Princess eating some food, but with a person I didn’t know. I was horrified and went and took her immediately! I found it strange and weird the look I got from the lady that was in the shop. Later on I talked about my experience in the market with some of my local friends and colleagues, and I was told that for kids to go over to a person that they do not know is totally normal in Tanzanian culture. In fact if the child doesn’t go when called by a stranger it is considered very disrespectful.
So there it is. I am not sure when I will take the girls to the crazy outdoor market day again, but I know for sure that girls enjoyed walking in the dirt, talking to strangers (while making me nervous) and getting some food for the house. What a different culture I am living in, here in Usa River, Tanzania.

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