Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 11 - Uncle Monkey's Family

Ale’, Just wanted you to know that the Gentle Giants post was for you!

Grandpa Bob, Loved seeing your post.

MomP, We expected you to fight Dad off with a stick to protect those chocolate bunnies!

April, Glad you’re back. We missed your comments! We’re anxious to hear about your trip as well.

Mom S, Thank you for your faithfulness.

Thanks to all for the responses, thoughts, and prayers. It is most appreciated.


Today we attended the S.D.A. church at the University of Arusha. We had attended a Catholic service and wedding ceremony in the Congo and I suppose we were expecting a bit of the Congolese flair in this service as well. Since we didn’t know what was going to be in the area, as far as churches go, we hadn’t packed any “church” clothes. We had noticed that on Good Friday everyone was wearing their best, and since we didn’t want to offend anyone, several of us bought Kangas and bright shirts to match.

We didn’t exactly know where we were going as there were no signs leading us there and the walk there took us a little longer than anticipated. Church was packed with overflow spilling onto the lawn outside and onto the steps of the church.

One of the deacons was very kind and insisted on finding us seats, proceeding to march us up to the front one at a time during the ongoing service. He actually removed smaller occupants from their seats in order to make room for us. He led Ashton to the front of the church, picking a little girl up out of her seat and insisting Ashton sit down. Ashton hesitantly obeyed and took the smaller seat; he looked humorous as his six foot frame sat down in a chair that was sized for 6 year olds. Knees to his chest, he sat and listened to the rest of the sermon.

Turns out this church service is nothing like what we expected…they are quite conservative. Their clothing was also a bit subdued in color with most people in suits, shirt and ties, conservative dresses, with no jewelry to speak of.

Elisabeth made the mistake of clapping after a special music. Picture brightly colored, modest jewelry wearing, clapping white people in this scene – we stuck out like sore thumbs.

Today was communion in celebration of Easter…what a wonderful ceremony. Most of us were in flip flops and having walked to church, we needed foot washing. We reflected on how this must have been more of what the foot washing ceremony was like back in bible times with everyone walking everywhere.

While there were no instruments, the music was wonderful. Seems the whole church was a choir with each individual knowing his or her part. Paul whipped out his phone and made a quick recording that you can get Here.

The Havileh orphanage kids attend this church as well. This little boy latched onto Paul during craft time a few days ago – his name is Simon. As soon as Simon saw him he ran and grabbed his legs wanting to be held. We’ve bonded with so many of the kids while here.

Who could have imagined we would run into someone we know from Laguna Niguel, CA. Alisa Pettey Torres’ husband is President of the college here. This is such a small world!

After church we went to the Arusha National Park (a large acreage conservation area you can drive) to look for monkeys.

Active Monkeys are hard to capture on film as they are constantly moving and usually hidden behind something. The cameras were working overtime to try and focus with the low light conditions and all of the shrubbery.

These guys are called Sykes Monkeys.

These Black and White Colobus were really neat with the long flowing white tale. They were a bit elusive and we had to sit for a long time trying to capture them.

We were hoping to see a Blue Monkey while we were here, but none showed themselves.

And of course we found a troop of Baboons drinking by a spring.

This mom was carrying a newborn and he was getting tossed around like a ragdoll.

While not the prettiest creatures in the world, most find warthogs more endearing after the movie Lion King.

What a blessed day. Tomorrow, we’ll be visiting a Good Hope Orphanage in the Arusha slums and bringing them their Bags of Blessings. We’re looking forward to meeting more precious children and then off we go to the Coffee Lodge for an Easter lunch.


  1. Good morning everyone!
    Paul, thanks for the sound clip--I've been waiting for that. I closed my eyes this morning and listened thinking about the people of God giving praises to him around the world. And to think... he understands it all.

    I'm interested to know more about the Adventists differences from other Christians there. Tell me more when you get back.

    I just caught up and read everything this morning. This weekend there was a lot going on here. I did Adrianna's baby dedication at church and then had a birthday party. Check out the crazy pics at Amy made me a Captain America cake. Isaac said he wanted to eat some "cike" and then said "oh ya baby."

    I'll look forward to hearing more. Keep your shorts long:)

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing Sabbath...Paul, nice shirt & what a precious little guy you are holding. Can almost see all of you standing out in the crowd in your colors, Ash in the tiny chair, Beth clapping,dusty feet, Shan meeting old friends in Africa! All the pictures are incredible..warthogs and all. We are holding down the fort & waiting for you to come home. The warm weather is finally here. Miss you loads & love you.

  3. Sounds as if you had an amazing Sabbath..can almost see all of you in your bright colors standing out in the crowd, Ash in the tiny seat, Beth clapping, Shan meeting old friends in Africa! Paul, nice shirt & Simon is adorable. The pictures are incredible, warthogs & all. Waiting for you to come home & share more with us. The warm weather has finally arrived. Missing you loads. Love you!

  4. Shae Shae FantasticaApril 5, 2010 at 4:46 AM

    I am so excited that you guys got to go to church. I was so curious about worship there. I am quite sure that I would be like Beth with my standout clothes and standout personality! I know that worshiping there was a blessing. Anytime in the presence of God is a gift. And although I know that you respect other people's style of worship, I'm sure it only enhanced your appreciation for our church and the allowance to worship God as our mind, body, and spirit feel called to do. Anyway, my favorite picture of the day:

    Paul and Simon. I have a feeling little Simon will never forget his new friend.


  5. What a great Sabbath you had. I checked the blog last night before I went to bed(11:45p) and there was nothing new, I was disappointed, and then this morning to have two new messages and pictures was exciting. I loved the pictures, I thought the little girl looked familiar. I enjoyed the singing, technology is so great. I love your bright colors of your clothes. I could tell in the church picture that the there was that SDA influence. It's so wonderful that you have experienced so many amazing things since you have been there. Can't wait til you come home to tell us all about it. Love you all