Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 4 – The Cradle of Love

We started our day in an African art class with Max (One of the local teachers at the UAACC). He attempted to teach us Batiki - a traditional African art. We quickly realized that there was one missing ingredient…talent!

Several of the UAACC kids were watching us do our “art”.

With them near, Shannin quickly lost interest in her work of art and started playing with the kids; giving Max the burden of finishing her piece. Turns out she has the best looking piece of the bunch!

We had fun and with freshly stained hands we headed off to The Cradle of Love at the Tanzania ADRA headquarters. The Cradle of Love is a baby home, run by Davona Church, currently the residence of 42 infants ranging from zero to two years of age. Included in this group is a set of triplets and one set of twins.

(Ashton literally pushed this little guy for an hour. He would cry every time he stopped so he just kept going.)

We all agreed that Davona is a Saint who is doing an amazing work here. We greatly enjoyed spending time playing and participating in dinner time despite the mayhem. Has anyone ever attempted to feed 42 infants at the same time?!?

Max and Davona were an absolute wealth of knowledge and were happy to convey any contacts or information necessary in order to establish the orphanage – this is a God send! We toured the facilities and Max Church informed us of some of the programs that ADRA is doing in the local community and Tanzania as a whole. What an amazing work they are doing here! We feel so thankful for the connection that has been made and the relationship that we’ve started with them.

On the way back to the UAACC, the clouds cleared over Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro so we raced to the property to take some pictures. Unbelievable!

Mount Meru

Mount Kilimanjaro

We’re a little worn today and thankful for the setting sun. With a quick game of Canasta, we head off to bed in preparation for a new day.


  1. Allison and Autumn have requested that you capture a Bonobo for them as a pet. Praying for you guys!

  2. Wow,what an awesome day, so many blessings, it makes you want to bring all the children home with you, they are so precious. The pictures are giving so much insight as to what you are doing. The pictures of the mountains are fantastic. It rained here all day today, looks much nicer there. You had a busy day, be blessed. Looking forward to tomorrows news, I Love You XXOO

  3. Wants to adopt all of those children the pics of them are wonderful and how precious they are....You are all being blessed and pray that those lives you touch are also blessed. Looking forward to more post...

  4. Beautiful pictures guys. I love the one especially of Ashton feeding all those babies in their special seats. I wish I had those seats for my kids now. I just want to strap em' down so they can't escape and you can talk to them Praying for you and so happy to see you touching the hearts of those children.
    Love you guys!!!

  5. Wow! How amazing to see all those children without parents. Autumn prayed last night to help the children find their parents. Was so precious! Love the gorgeous view you all have. Its awesome in the picture.....can't imagine what it must be like in person! Tell Ashton he can push Autumn for an hour in the swing when we come down in a few weeks now that he has become an expert in patience and sticking with a task for the benefit of a child who LOVES to swing!!