Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 7 – The Lawyer

Hello Mom and Dad Philbrick! Glad to know you are following along on the blog and that you figured out how to write a comment! We got your second comment that led us to the one you had posted earlier. What a small world, that you would know someone here in Tanzania!! Mom you remember everyone. Looking forward to more comments from you!

We really enjoy ALL our comments so much, and look whenever we can to see if there are any new ones.

David, thank you for the Bible verse, we really enjoyed that as well!

Zach, great to finally hear from you…we’ve been waiting. Wish you were here. You’ve been in our thoughts as we remember our trip to the Congo. You would love it here. Stinker! Shannin says Ahh Bup bup bup. Too funny.


Today was a very big day as it was dedicated to meeting with the lawyer. While we did have a chance to have a nice lunch and shop a bit in town – to finish up getting some things to bring to our friends and family back home - we were anxious to meet with Duncan Oola.

(Elivia with a Shop Owner)

(Tanzanian Version of McDonald’s. McRash-ell, This is for You.)

Duncan is a Tanzanian SDA lawyer practicing in Arusha who spends much of his morning in court with the afternoon dedicated to meeting with clients. At 4P, Juma, Paul, Shannin, and Roswitha were in his office explaining what it is we’re trying to accomplish with our orphanage. Duncan listened patiently and then nodded as he began to understand the Small Steps for Compassion project. There are quite a few hurdles to be navigated here even if one is to bring volunteers in for a visit.

We are trying to cover all of our legal bases to ensure that we are working in accordance with the local governmental regulation. Doing so will minimize any issues and holdups that might arise. If the local officials understand that we are here to assist the community it will also minimize any red tape, paperwork delays, and “grease” that may otherwise occur.

Duncan was very positive and felt that the necessary submittals could be completed in a few days and ready for signature possibly before we leave; yet another affirmation that we are following the right path!

Reassured, we headed back to the UAACC for dinner amazed at being able to watch each piece fall into place. Finding local resources that you can trust while operating abroad is absolutely critical and so far we’re covered. Juma continues to take good care of us and we’re impressed with his professionalism, business skills, and knowledge.

While we were meeting with Duncan, the rest of the gang were able to go back out into the village to socialize with our soon to be neighbors and hand out some more goodies.

(Christian Captured One of Our Little Buddies)

(Mount Meru)

(Some of the Villagers We've Come To Know)

(Corrinne's New Skirt Made By Mwajambo)

(Our Nightly Canasta Game)

We’re heading off on a Safari tomorrow to the Ngorogoro Crater – we’re very excited. We’re not exactly sure what our connectivity will be, but hopefully we’ll be able to post our updates. If you don’t see a new post, we’ll just have to catch you up as soon as we can.

P.S. We saw a Bush Baby last night, but we were not quite fast enough to catch it on film.


  1. Hello Missionaries!
    Our prayers are with you today and the kids from CA say "hello". The girls have decided if they can't have a Bonobo then bring back that snake for them, they will pick it up from Grandma Monkey next month. Keep up in the faith!
    Uncle Dickie

  2. I cannot believe how well your meeting went. I never thought you would get this much accomplished. Wow. New land. New employee. New lawyer. New skirt! So many things to check off the list...

    My favorite picture of the day - The little boy Christian captured. So sweet.

    Safe Safari!


  3. Well, everything is indeed coming into place. God always has a plan we just have to be ready for it. Min I love your skirt, and what a pretty pattern. Liv, shopping I see, hope you got a good bargain. Chrish you're becoming quite a good photographer. I see you're all playing canasta, no playstation for the gamers? Richard, I charge double for taking care of snakes, they can just ship it to you direct. Liv did you get a skirt too? Ale's going to want one too. Oh, did anyone try a burger at McMoody's? Have fun on the safari, we want to see lot's of pictures. I love you xxoo

  4. Hey your guys are doing an awesome job. Especially you Elivia.you look cute. By th way it's Mario

  5. OK, OK is that Mc Moody the same as Mc Donald’s ? It looks like Livy found a Jewry store, That is fun, Livy
    Rin, I see your new skirt but how about those earrings? Looking good. Gramma would like me to have a ear ring but I would have to shave my entire head to look cool.
    All in all, tanzanite Looks more advance then the Congo orphanage.(is it)? Tell Uncle Dickey, Gramma Monkey would love to baby site the snake till he gets to Florida. (he may have to be rubber or dead).
    I’m still waiting for you to answer my question from day two, are we being selective?
    Who did the Phil bricks Know, (you didn’t explain). My prayers are with all of you.
    Dad S

  6. Doug, you look like you've put on some weight. Is everything ok? It's uncle zachary!