Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 6 - Hands and Feet

Response to comments...

Uncle Dickie, Unfortunately you'll have to let Autumn and Allison know that Bonobos are only found in the Congo, but we'll try to capture a Bush Baby.

Shae-Shae, We did not have a vehicle available Sabbath morning to make it to church so we spent it with the locals. We're anxious to see what worship is like as well.

Andrew, we're looking forward to getting back and doing some planning with FLA.

David A, Welcome back. Wish you were here.

Many thanks to all that have been sending us notes through the comments.


Jambo! Today we began our day a little late. We were up late last night talking with a group of 16 college students that arrived here yesterday. The students are from many different colleges in the US on an international study. They all joined up two months ago in Kenya. It has been fun talking with them and hearing about all that they are doing and learning.

In the morning the boys were invited to join some of the workers for a little jam session. They had fun working together, teaching and learning from each other. Another fun experience here at the UAACC.

Something we have not seen yet, but have heard rustling in the trees here at the UAACC…bush baby monkeys. We have been told they are very quiet, we will keep our eyes peeled to try and capture one on film for you!

After a late breakfast and posting on the blog, we packed up our crafts, play-dough, and soccer ball then headed on foot through the village toward the Havilah orphanage. The children were expecting us so as soon as we arrived, the fun began! They were so anxious to begin their crafts and see what other treasures we had brought along. Thank you to our family for the craft items…it was the highlight of the children’s day.

While we were there, a gentleman showed up at the gate, he had an abscess in his leg, which had gotten infected and turned into a gaping hole running lengthwise down his leg. It is about ten inches long.

It did not look good when he peeled back the bandage to show us how it went down to the bone, and clearly it was causing him pain. He walked about 64 km from Arusha to come to the orphanage to seek a donation as he attempted to collect enough money for an operation - he had only collected 1/5th of what he needed. We pray now he is able to get his much needed surgery. There is no doubt that without the surgery, he will lose his leg. These are the sort of things you would never see in America…we are truly blessed in our country!

We really enjoyed being with the children today. They are very affectionate and we already feel very bonded to them. When we were leaving for the day, the little girl that had been attached to Corrinne looked up at her with sad eyes and said, “Are you going to not come back?

She made Corrinne pick her up and carry her as far as she could before she got into the car for the ride back to the UAACC (James was kind enough to drive us back). It is so easy to fall in love with these children; theirs are the faces of angels. It is a reminder of how hard it will be to say goodbye to all of these beautiful children who have touched each one of our hearts.

Upon our return to the UAACC our kids decided that they wanted to go out into the local village and hand out more clothing and lollipops. It is truly better to give than to receive! We have found that our quiet little village is very deceiving…from the first second that we pulled the first lollipop out of our bag; many children came from all over to collect whatever items we had for them! One girl even made up a song, and sang it for us. “We’re so very happy, thank you very much” “We’re so very happy, thank you very much!” Also, a very special thank you to each one of you who donated clothing and other needed items. As you can see it was used in a mighty way!

Clutching their new prized possessions they continued to follow us on our walk.

It was another great day in Tanzania; we are falling in love more and more each day with the people and the landscape here.

We feel our steps have been ordained and that our path has been carved out before us. We are truly thankful for all of the support and prayers we are receiving from each one of you! We are excited for this great opportunity to serve and be His hands and feet. Our vision has been established and our mission made clear. We are anxious to fill the home and create a hope and a future for our neighboring village and community here.

Tutaonana (goodbye)


  1. Hey everyone,
    I was up early today thinking and praying for you. I was in Psalm 49 and read this:

    "Do not be overawed when a man grows rich,
    when the splendor of his house increases;
    for he will take nothing with him when he dies,
    his splendor will not descend with him.
    Though while he lived he counted himself blessed
    and men praise you when you prosper-
    he will join the generation of his fathers,
    who will never see the light of life.
    A man who has riches without understanding is like the beasts that perish." (16-20)

    I'm praising God that you are giving of yourselves and investing in the right place. I'm praying God will continue to give you understanding and wisdom as you enjoy your experiences there.

    Oh ya, and you've got to record some of the songs those kids are singing. I want to hear them.

  2. I will try one more time. Did send a comment, but found it went on day 2. Sent another to tell you to look there, but it seems to have disappeared

  3. hey its zach! I wanted to let you know guys know your selfish people for not bringing me! Stinker

  4. I love that you are taking quick ownership there in Arusha. It is so clearly exhibited with the statement: "We are anxious to fill the home and create a hope and a future for our neighboring village and community here." I truly cannot wait to see what will happen in the very near future.

    My two favorite pictures of the day: 1)Corrinne and the happy little girl in her lap 2)the two happy children walking the path with their new treasure. Keep the news and pictures coming. Safari soon?


  5. Well another busy day I see, how blessed you are. I see Ash and Chrish have started a band, anyone on the drums? They can play as the children sing, we'd love to hear it. Love you

  6. I'm back, hopefully you will see this, I tried to open Day 7, but when I click on it, it says it doesn't exist. Maybe I'm just too soon and it hasn't completely downloaded, anyway keep them coming.

  7. My eyes are filled with tears as I look at that proud little girl with her red dress & pink pants on proud to be wearing hand-me-downs from some fortunate child from America.
    I see the boys are getting some good guitar practice on their trip!
    And the picture with Christian and that little boy is soooo good!! I can't believe you captured a picture without his eyes crossed. LOL!