Friday, July 12, 2013

Finding Our Purpose

Today was a very eventful and exciting day for Small Steps for Compassion! We had the ground breaking ceremony for our new home! The local moms and children in the community came out to participate along with all the hard workers who are currently in the process of digging to pour the foundation. The ceremony consisted of Ron (partner with Orphan’s Heart) making the introduction, me, Corrinne (Small Steps representative), explaining how much this ceremony means to us, and the purpose of Small Steps for Compassion here in Tanzania. Juma (Small Steps Director of Operations) also spoke to the community, then Ron and I broke the ground along with the workers, which was followed with a beautiful prayer by Annie (Small Steps volunteer).
There was a reporter here from Arusha Times that will be publishing a story on today's events here and it will be on the news next Saturday! This day marks many years of hard work and passion finally becoming a reality as the building of our new home began. I could not be more excited to be a part of this and share it with this amazing community. The building is more than just a house; it is a home where we will share the love of Jesus to the children who will live here and their community. Our purpose is to share the love of Christ, as He first loved us. Getting to see the gratitude and appreciation of the community for what we are doing here made all the hard work, time, and tears worthwhile. This is my passion and I can’t imagine living for anything other than the purpose God created me for. It is here that life starts making a little more sense. Whether it is the sounds of joyous laughter, seeing precious smiling faces, or getting goodnight kisses, it reminds me what I was created for.

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  1. So very exciting to see the new home finally becoming a reality and so nice that Corrinne and Annie get to take part at the beginng of its being built. I know we all wish we could be there with them. I will be following closely so that I can share in the blessing they are giving and receiving while they are there. Love, moms(gramma)