Sunday, July 14, 2013

God's Spectacular Creation

Last night we got the opportunity to visit Havilah Orphanage, and see our good friend Loveness! It was an extremely happy reunion for both Love and Corrinne and such a treat for Annie to finally meet her big bright smiling face!

Loveness guided us back to Small Steps through the beautiful, green, grassy trails, and we were even able to watch the incredible sunset during our walk. Upon our return home, we ate a quality meal of hot dogs and rice, followed by bed time stories and prayers. Unfortunately jet lag still has us both struggling to sleep well at night, so after a short two hours of rest, we gave up and started our morning off with some coffee and oatmeal, ready to climb Mount Kilimanjaro!

Corrinne, Loveness, and I met up with the group from Orphan’s Heart at 5:45 AM, and made our way to the mountain. Unprepared for the cold, rainy weather, we began what we thought would be a treacherous hike up (especially considering our little amount of sleep), until we became quickly distracted by the phenomenal scenery that soon surrounded us!

The vivid green plants that towered overhead, chilly mist that came down, mahogany dirt below and cloudy sky above were all refreshing reminders of God’s spectacular creation. I think what most evidently portrayed this creation was the waterfall we passed by… we stood in awe at the sight of something so fresh, pure, and beautiful. It was nice to be able to spend quality time admiring more of Tanzania’s amazing land, and definitely made me even more grateful to have this opportunity to visit such a perfect place! The hike ended rather abruptly seeing as though the group had to catch a plane to go home.

It was nap time once we got back to Small Steps for everyone except Corrinne and me. We had to force ourselves to stay awake in hopes of a better night’s sleep tonight by drinking soda, making food, and possibly eating some candy too!

Took the girls for some ice cream!

Once our three precious girls woke up, we came to realize that taking care of three toddlers was not as easy as we thought. Attempting to make dinner (basically sleep walking) while trying to keep the girls out of trouble was a difficult task to say the least, and putting those sweet faces in time-out was definitely a struggle. I guess you could say exhaustion didn’t contribute anything too great in our situation. Well, for now the girls are tucked away in bed again, and we are most definitely excited to finally get back on track so we can be our full selves tomorrow! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store for all of us.

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  1. sounds like such a fun adventurous day. I love hearing all about it and seeing pictures of smiling happy faces. Oh how I wish I was there sharing in your journey. Thank you for your posts. It helps me feel a part of the fun. Love, gramma