Monday, July 15, 2013


Last night was the first night we actually got a good nights rest! We woke up this morning feeling very refreshed and ready to start the new day. We made ourselves some breakfast while the girls ate their lunch. The plan for the day was to take Loveness to Rotterdam (the nearby grocery store) so she could have some Ice Cream. When Annie and I were getting ready to leave, Happy and Maurine were "getting in trouble" by Ksusha for not listening so just Mataya was allowed to come with us, while the other two girls went down for lala time (nap time). 
Side note: Annie and I both would just like to recognize the amazing job Ksusha is doing with these 3 little girls along with her almost 3 month old baby Alim. At times during the day we are exhausted and this is only our 5th day here! 
Now back to the day… Annie and I drove Small Steps car to Rotterdam, which was definitely an experience that will be remembered forever.  The drivers are crazy...along with the rocky roads that are filled with huge potholes! On top of that we had to adjust to the steering wheel being on the right side while driving on the left side of the road (TZ was originally a British colony) We arrived safely and Love and Mataya thoroughly enjoyed their strawberry Ice Cream! 
When we got back Mataya joined the other girls for lala time while Annie and I took Loveness out for a photo shoot. I gave her my jacket and Annie gave her one of her headbands so she was all ready to model! Loveness has a contagious smile and her beauty shines from the inside out! She loves making silly faces and joking around but then makes sure to tell you that you are beautiful and that she loves you and to never forget that God loves you too! When she gets older she says she wants to help people…we need more people like her in the world to share the love of Christ with everyone she comes in contact with. 

After our photo shoot the little girls woke up from their nap and we all prepared to head to dinner at Ally’s (Ksusha’s husband) parents house. On our way we had to drop Loveness back to her home at Havilah because she is still in school (it is winter here). For dinner we had a delicious traditional African meal (chapatti, lentils, potatoes, salad, fish) and we all sat on the floor and ate with our hands. It was a really cool experience and so great getting to meet Ally’s family! 
By the time we got home the girls were exhausted and ready for bed but first we read the story of Abraham and Sarah to them.  Then to finish, each of the girls said their precious bedtime prayers. They each gave us our very treasured goodnight hugs and kisses and then went down to sleep....Lala Salama (sleep peacefully).

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  1. I'm not sure how I missed this post since I am checking everyday but I did. It must have been done after I got on. Anyway I am so proud of you girls for driving yourselves to Arusha. I know I wouldn't have done it although maybe at your age I would have. You are just getting so many fun things in on this trip that I'm jealous.