Monday, July 15, 2013

Silly Mzungus!

  • Today was a very productive day for all of us girls here at Small Steps! We were up and awake by 8AM ready to begin our fun-filled day! We started off  by saying morning prayer, eating a yummy breakfast of fruit and oatmeal and cleaning ourselves up. Our first stop was to run a few small errands in Arusha.  First we headed to the bank to convert our US dollars into TZ shillings. From there we headed to the delicious Africafe to get some coffee (or better yet, mocha frosties...YUM!), pastries, and juice for the girls! After filling up our tummies, we were anxious to go shopping at the wonderfully unique Masaai Market. Of course Princess, Maurine, and Happy got tons of attention from all of the different vendors…so much that they were even given some free beaded bracelets! It was a great experience, especially attempting to bargain with the pushy vendors. We ended up doing a pretty good job though if I do say so myself, like working 10 bracelets worth 15,000 TZ shillings to 7,000. But I think first place goes to Corrinne who was able to bargain an awesome Tanzanian soccer jersey starting at 40,000 shillings to 15,000! "Way to go" for us "Mzungus"! Although we wished we could have bought all of the unique, African things we saw, we left very happy with the purchases we had made, including cool paintings, jewelry, tribal pants and more. From the market we made our way to Shoprite for some groceries. Excited to make another good nutritious dinner, we loaded up our cart with tons of vegetables, pasta, and chicken. Eventually we made our way back home with some very sleepy little girls. We had fun preparing our extremely delicious Italian meal that included green beans, salad, and pasta with tomato sauce and chicken! After a tiring day we were all ready for bed. Blessed by another great day here in Tanzania most definitely.
    Joke of the day: Annie: aww she (Happy) is so happy now that she has her food.
    Corrinne: Shes like, “uhh I’m always Happy”
    Haha good one to us.

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  1. I wish I could have gone shopping with you. So many treasures to get. It must have been hard though bargaining and keeping an eye on the girls as well. God is truly blessing you with glorious memories.