Monday, July 22, 2013

On the Road Again...

A    After an extremely fun and eventful weekend, we hit the road once again to head back to the orphanage. Along the way, we made a few stops at some local markets near Karatu. Corrinne and I got out to explore more of the treasures and unique souvenirs while our sleepy little friends stayed bundled up in the back seat of our safari car. We got a chance to see an even greater variety of jewelry, carved wooden sculptures, and awesome African art made from banana leaves, much like the things we witnessed at the Mesai Market. At each stop we were greeted with a nice touristy “jambo!” in which case we would respond “mambo!” to make ourselves seem a little more adapted to the Tanzanian culture. Although being able to communicate a little better than the average tourist, the owners of these small market places still demanded high prices for the small things we picked out. Being less experienced, I watched and learned as Corrinne battled her way through these ridiculous prices, and eventually settled on a price fair for everyone. We walked away satisfied with what we got and the money we spent, and continued on our long journey home. Eventually we pulled over on the side of the road to see a surprising amount of giraffes eating from the tall acacia trees. For about 20 minutes we stood to watch and take pictures of the graceful animals, and were happy to give Maurine, Happy, and Princess one last sight to see on our big safari trip! They loved the “twigas” and even shouted to them to come closer.
Once we made it safely back home, we noticed the progress of the new building on the property had rapidly increased since the last time we were there! It was a great feeling to come home to, seeing this beautiful dream suddenly becoming a reality. Once the girls were put down for some seriously needed lala time, Corrinne and I, being tired from caring for the little girls all weekend, decided to reward ourselves with a nice movie. Now being the experienced drivers we were, we drove to Njiro to see Turbo, a movie about a snail winning the Indy 500. As cute as we found the movie, Corrinne and I also found its message pretty symbolic seeing as though it was all about how you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Having God as an ultimate part of our lives can truly help us accomplish anything, and in turn, we live our lives (this trip to Africa especially) to serve Him in all that we do. It was the perfect end to another great day, and Turbo definitely motivated us to continue doing great deeds for our perfectly wonderful God who has blessed us abundantly!



  1. You did indeed have a great safari and I know the little ones enjoyed themselves as well. Min, I wish I had thought of it, to give you some money to bring me back some souvenirs, oh well, I guess I'll have to go back and get my own. I'm glad you are having such a blessed time and look forward to seeing even more pictures when I come out to Cali. I love you, be blessed, be safe. Give my love to Ksusha and family and the little ones. Give hugs and kisses all around. gramma

  2. I've seen Corrinne negotiate so vigorously that grown men, trained in the art of negotiation, walk away crying! Hopefully you let them make a little profit.

    You two are so brave taking those three sweet little (ahem) angels on safari alone. God must have been helping you out if you had enough energy left over for a movie.