Monday, March 10, 2014

Dance Party!

Through the smiles, frowns, laughing, and crying we are falling more in love with our girls every moment. This morning Maureen wasted no time before she started causing trouble.

Naturally this instance started a friendly conversation among our group, on who would have her in their hotel room during our safari to the Ngorogoro Crater, when we head out on Wednesday.  The boys and girls in our group will naturally have different rooms during our two night stay so we decided to split the four girls up between all of us. We ended up having a rock paper scissors face off with Ashton and Blair for the deciding factor…Ashton won. We girls were completely fine with it and came to the conclusion we would probably do a much better job anyways ;-). Now we probably will not be getting much sleep but it will be worth every minute!

After getting the girls ready we all walked over to our new home that is under construction.  We wanted to see if we would help out with anything. The men were working on the landscaping, which consisted of breaking apart boulders and filling in ditches. You could say that Blair, Lindsey, and I felt a little helpless so we decided to play with the girls as the guys worked on the house.

Making lunch takes a lot of creativity,  although we have plenty to eat, the resources are very basic and of not a ton of variety. We are having fun working together to come up with a creative well-balanced meal for our girls!. Lala time followed lunch as always for the girls. We took advantage of this time to relax, play cards, journal, and so on. As much as we enjoy having some down time, we always are very anxious for the girls to wake up so we can start to play again.

When they woke up, it meant time for a dance party. We all went on the porch, played music, and danced. Watching the girls dance brings us a joy like no other. They each have their own signature move and kind of stick with what they know. Princess Taya  is a little free spirit and likes to get down while popping her little booty. Maureen likes to have her back to us as she bends her knees, slouches her shoulders, puts her head down and arms up as she sways to the beat. Dori was not quite sure what to do with our mzungu music but has a more reserved move of bended her knees as she slightly moves up and down and looks absolutely terrified.

Happy had to go to the hospital for a check up, which went super well and the results were great but she was not here for the dancing. When Happy got home we were all ecstatic being we had really missed her all day. We had some pillow fights and taught the girls some gymnastic moves before we had to start cooking dinner. After a dinner filled with salad, garlic mashed potatoes, and green beans we put the girls to bed and followed there lead soon after.


  1. I am Loving hearing every word! Our girls are such a gift to our Small Steps family, and i miss them terribly! Each of you surrounding them in Love brings me so much JOY!

  2. I am really enjoying the blog, I can't get enough of the pictures. I copy them to my computer so that I have them on my slide show. So even though I'm not there, I feel as though I am. I know the girls are really enjoying you being there giving them that special time. Enjoy your safari. Love you xoxo