Friday, March 14, 2014

Long Day Home, to Small Steps

After getting all ready for bed last night we finally fell asleep only to be awakened in the middle of the night by pouring down rain, lightning, and thunder and then later again by Princess crying at five in the morning because she was not feeling well again. After comforting her for forty-five minutes or so I was able to go lay back down since she fell asleep just to hear her crying again thirty minutes later. This time is was because Maureen had crawled on top of her. After getting them both back to bed I was finally able to get some more sleep before we awoke at eight, which is the latest the girls have slept in this whole trip.
Following getting ready and eating breakfast, we departed from our hotel to head back home. Once we reached Arusha (four hours later) we stopped in a cafĂ© to get some lunch before we headed to the masai market to buy some souvenirs. The masai market was an experience in itself. From having all the different shop owners trying to persuade you to go into their shops, to bargaining, to keeping watch of the girls… it was a little stressful!
The locals are so great with the girls and absolutely loved them. One store owner that we were buying pants from gave the girls each their own skirt and let them play on the floor as she gave them different toys to keep them occupied. The girls joy is contagious and wherever we go we do not go unnoticed. Everyone felt very satisfied with his or her buys from the market, so we headed back to our Small Steps home. Getting back home was such a relief and our house moms were so excited to see the girls and the girls could not wait to show them the new skirts they had received.
We made sure to give our driver a very nice tip to show our appreciation for all that he did for the girls and for putting up with their screaming and crying over the few days! Having time to finally sit down, I am now able to catch up on writing for the blog! As you can tell things have been a little busy around here. It is now time to feed the girls dinner and get them to bed so I have to get off but… lala salama! (Sleep Peacefully)


  1. I am so proud of you all and extremely impressed with your dedication and selflessness! You could have gone on safari as a break, but you chose to do this for our girls! You are truly being the hands and feet of Jesus for our girls! Thank you for your commitment to Small Steps.

  2. You all did an amazing job. Not many kids would have taken on that challenge. It is a great experience that you will always remember. Pleasant dreams...wake up refreshed. God bless

  3. How is God trying to transform your life and those around you this trip. He is continually wanting to stretch you and your plans. What is He saying to you.

    We where created to serve and when we do, we find God bends us and reshapes us into His glory and vessel. My continued pray is that he speaks to you on your journey, as you are his hands, feet and voice.

  4. So proud of each one of you! It sounds like it has been an amazing trip! You have touched the hearts of our kids their and the hearts of us here reading about your adventures! ~Mom (aunt Elisabeth)